17th century – present day

City of schools  

For the past 400 years, the city centre of Gießen harbours a green oasis which – besides its recreational value – has always been used for scientific and teaching reasons: the Botanical Garden. It was founded as a garden for herbs and medicinal plants together with the University. The university grew from one building in the direct neighbourhood of the garden into a vast landscape of school- and university-buildings in the entire city, and the Botanical Garden grew too. Today, it ranges from Senckenbergstraße to Ostanlage and houses 7500 different plants and 600 animals.

In past times, eager travellers acquired new plants from near and far. Thus, medicine-, biology- and chemistry-students gained profound knowledge. Meanwhile, worldwide flights and the internet enable scientists to work in a global network. It can be discussed, whether botanical gardens still make sense. However, the Botanical Garden is a space to relax in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle, where you can even enjoy the numerous cultural events there during the summer months.