12th century until present time

Schiffenberg in the course of time

In the area called Schiffenberg there are historical traces that range from the Neolithic Age until the High Middle Ages. Still, it is uncertain whether people lived here permanently. We know for a fact that from 1129 onwards the area was populated: this date marks the foundation of the Augustinian monastery in which monks lived until 1323. Later it was occupied by members of the Order of Teutonic Knights. During this period, the inhabitants of the Schiffenberg fought with other villages over economic rights. Documents of this conflict were saved in a box. And apparently also counterfeit documents.

In the 19th century an inn with accommodations for students was opened in the Schiffenberg area. At the beginning of the 20th century the buildings and estate of the monastery were consigned to the state of Hesse. In 1972, the Schiffenberg area was given to the city of Gießen. Today, it is the centre of a recreational area, in which cultural events take place and a climbing wall and other outdoor activities invite people to visit.