Young Gießen                                 

For skaters, Gießen is a huge playing ground. They test their artistic abilities on new and different surfaces, routes, steps and ramps. And they discover the city from their own point of view. At the same time, they are a part of a new diversity: the average age of the population in Gießen is one of the lowest average ages for a city in Germany. Nearly half of the inhabitants are here to spend a part of their lives as students or in order to acquire an education.

No matter whether they stay or move on: the young people in Gießen make their marks and leave their own traces. They ensure constant movement and sustainable changes. With creative new sports and bicycle demonstrations, with graffiti, by publicly knitting around things such as lamps or by planting they utilize, design and mould public space. And by their means of living, their ways of celebrating and political, social and artistic activities in all genres  they encourage new social developments.