14th century before our time

Jewellery from the Hochwart barrow

In 1975, over 3300 years old jewellery was found in a burial mound at the Hochwart-site. This jewellery was dated back to the Middle Bronze Age. Of the main burial site in the centre of the hill little remained. But next to it, in another burial site, bone fragments, teeth and plain ceramic shards were found upon a stone bedding. Also, pearls and other precious objects made of bronze, gold and amber lay in this burial site – objects that were made of materials that could not be found in this region. This suggests that the buried person might have traded goods with people from the Baltic Sea – where amber was originally found.
It is not confirmed whether resident settlers lived in the area of modern-day Gießen. However, there are a few more burial mounds. And, during road works, further burial sites of the Bronze Age were found in 1974.
Since 1991, the area on which a solar energy park and a game preserve are located is an official nature reserve. Prior to this, it was part of a military training ground, part of a military depot of the US and a rocket base.