In Giessen, for as long as anyone can remember, one has arrived, one has lived and one has left.
People living in the surrounding area moved to Giessen, emigrants left Giessen, inhabitants of Giessen were expelled or deported, refugees, immigrants and resettlers from the east became “Giessener”; later it was migrant workers from the south and southeast and to this day refugees from all over the world. And again and again, students or university and theater people are Giesseners for a while. Around a core of old-time Giesseners lies a (larger) ring of new and life-stage Giesseners, whose perspectives, voices and experiences in Giessen could be better known.
The association transit giessen e.V. wants to create a space in which there is something to be learned about Giessen’s immigrants and emigrants, in which projects of Giessen's experiences and perspectives meet, in which the cultural memory of Giessen is in progress.